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Installation Process Fredd's 3-Step Guide

Step 1 - Fact Finding Visit (Allow approx 1 hour for this visit)


Once we have agreed on a time that’s convenient for you, one of our technicians will pop around to discuss the installation process. During this visit we’ll agree on the best locations to fit the fibre equipment. We’ll also need to have you sign a couple of important documents such as a Pre-installation Form and our End User Terms.


What we need to agree on: exterior of premises:


First, we need to agree on where the external equipment (External Termination Point or ETP) will be fitted on the exterior of your premises. This needs to be at the closest location to the fibre access point on the boundary of the property. This is the way we connect fibre from your boundary to your dwelling. Usually we use the same connection method as your power line, be it underground or overhead from the power poles.


What we need to agree on: interior of premises:


We’ll need to agree on where best to place the internal equipment (Optical Network Terminal, or ONT). Our technician will also recommend how best the fibre will be fitted inside your dwelling.


Lastly, we’ll arrange the appointments for the next two visits and advise when you’ll need to be there and for how long.


Step 2 - External Visit


You don't need to join us for this visit. Our technicians will start the process by installing the ETP at the greed location. They will also lay the ducting from your boundary to the ETP's location on the outside of your premises.


There are just a couple of points you need to be aware of such as:


If we're installing overhead
Our technicians need to run the cabling from a fibre access terminal (this is a box on a pole near your property), to a suitable point on your premises. They will then run the fibre neatly down the outside of the wall in an enclosed plastic tube to the ETP.

If we're installing underground
our technicians will lay underground ducting from the fibre duct at your boundary to the location of the ETP. This will be done by either directional drilling underground or digging a small trench.


Obviously, an installation like this can be a messy business. But rest assured, our technicians take a lot of pride in their work, and cleaning up is a major part of the job!


Step 3 - Connection Visit (Allow between 3-4 hours for this visit)


We’ll meet you at your property to install the internal fibre and the rest of the equipment (such as the ONT). After that, we will blow in the fibre. This is the process where we use compressed air to push the fibre cable through the ducting we installed during the exterior visit. Once installed, our technician will test the fibre service to ensure that it’s in working order.


Once that process is complete, we’ll need you to sign another document: A Post Installation Form. This is to confirm that you are satisfied with the installation. Once signed, get ready to start enjoying a broadband experience like no other!



Multi Dwelling Units Fredd's 3-Step Guide for Property Consent,apartments and offices

Step 1 - Obtaining the property owner's consent


If you are the first person in your building or complex to order a Fredd fibre broadband connection, then there are specific processes that need to be followed before we can start the installation process.


Most importantly, we’ll need the name and contact details of the owner (or of the person responsible for the upkeep of the building) so as to arrange access for the initial scoping or reconnaissance work.


That person will need to sign our standard License to Install Telecommunications Equipment form which sets out all the obligations to each other in relation to the equipment and fibre cables we install on the inside and outside of the property. We can only start the actual installation work once the owner has signed the document.


To help explain things in more detail, we have an information sheet to give to the building owner.


Step 2 - Scoping, building and installation


Where possible, we always use existing ducts for our fibre cables into every building. We never touch any existing telecommunications services such as Telkom landlines because not every occupant in the building would want to switch to fibre broadband at the same time.


There are times when we may be able to use existing infrastructure inside the property. This is something that we will discuss with the building owner.


If existing ducts are not suitable, then we will lay a new one, which will either involve digging a new trench or using existing overhead lines.


Once our fibre cable is inside the building we always use the most discreet routes available to us: like stairwells or ceilings. We may need to run the cable along the outside of the building or discretely below the ceiling line within common areas. We will obtain consent from the building owner on your behalf before work commences.



Step 3 - Connecting your home or business


Fredd will install an Optical Network Termination (ONT) inside your apartment or office, which is the starting point for your fibre broadband VoIP and internet service.


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