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Meet Fredd Your New Best Pal In End-To-End Network Infrastructure
Fibre Benefits

Fibre to the home

Feel at home with Fredd’s FTTH


Once you’ve experienced Fredd’s ultrafast broadband you’ll be hooked! And here’s a taste of what you can look forward to with Fredd:

*   Home-to-home high-definition video conferencing

*   IPTV: allowing for Video On Demand, 'catch up' and broadcast TV

*   Advanced TV services such as 3D, quad and ultra-high definition

*   Online gaming, especially massive multiplayer games against numerous competitors around the world.


Plus, having fast, seamless home broadband will allow many individuals to work from home as well as other value added services, such as:

*   Being able to receive tele-health applications in the home

*   Making use of web based education programmes

*   The ability to use a Wide Area Network at home. This would allow multiple homes (for example across an extended family) to easily store, access and share large     amounts  of information such as videos and photos

*   Easy access to cloud computing applications for game-playing, office applications, online backup and file synchronisation.


Do the business with Fredd’s FTTB


For your business, there’s a wide array of benefits that Fredd can provide:

*   A seamless and resilient end-to-end fibre network infrastructure that’s future proof

*   Virtual Server Hosting that delivers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), all of which can help your company in making significant savings in Capex costs, and you only pay for what you use, and no more.

*   Business-to-business high-definition video conferencing

*   VOIP through Cisco’s CUCM solution

*   Out-of-Bundle back-up service, which is a unique service as it does not influence your link speed, and the data consumed through the back-up process is not deducted from your data bundle

*   Security-Related Services – including IP-camera connectivity, security room/access control connectivity, alarm systems and electric fence synchronisation

*   MPLS or Multi-Protocol Label Switching that provides a link to safely send data over a public network like the Internet, which eliminates the need to have a dedicated leased line

*   The reassurance of top quality work is evident in our ISO 9001 certification for Turnkey Telecommunications Infrastructure


Broadband installation when building or renovating. Fredd explains


One of the key aspects of broadband performance is the wiring. So extra special care is taken by our technicians to do a first class job every time they lay the fibre up to your door, and then up to 10m of internal wiring inside your property.


Of course, we fully understand that sometimes when you are constructing or renovating a building, it's more convenient to wire up your property in the construction phase. This is why we have created some easy guidelines that will make life a little easier for your builders and electricians to ensure that your property is prepared for the best options for fibre broadband.




Internal Wiring Installation

Virtual Cloud Hosting

Install Cat5e cable


Cat5 is a high quality copper cable designed to deliver Ethernet-based services, including ADSL2+, VDSL2 or GPON.

Other higher standard cables like Cat6 or Cat7 can also be used.


Installing broadband cables throughout your home:


Cabling in your home must travel from a central point (the Internal Termination Point) through dedicated conduits to rooms where you want Ethernet services. This is in contrast to a traditional 'daisy chain' cable installation, which is unsuitable for Ethernet (ADSL2+, VDSL2 or GPON) services. You can take a look at the Telecommunications Carriers Forum (TCF) advice for homeowners wiring a smart home. Ask your electrician or cable installer to follow the 'advice for cable installers' guidelines.

Installing fibre ducting in an open trench


If you are building a new home or renovating, in most cases you will have an open trench for power and other telco services. While your trench is open it is worth planning for future fibre deployment.


All you need to do is lay a white 20mm plastic duct in the trench and leave a marker at the end, or leave the end of the duct exposed. This allows easy access for our installers to connect your duct to the main fibre cable in the street.




*   Generally, power is buried a minimum of 1000mm deep

*   There must be 300mm - 450mm separation between power and fibre cables

*   Generally, fibre is buried 900mm deep

*   Be sure not to trench beyond your boundary line


For health benefits of an ultrafast broadband: Dr Fredd will see you now


Ultrafast Broadband is designed to change the way we do things in our everyday life. And health care is no exception.


Here are just some of the innovations this internet connection will enable:


*   Patients will be able to access primary providers more easily

*   Common e-prescribing (electronic prescription) processes

*   Remote access and cloud solutions for effective patient administration

*   Secure access to patient electronic health records by multiple health workers across multiple organisations

*   Electronic transfer of advanced medical images

*   Tele-health technologies that allow patients to self-monitor their health in their home with appropriate clinical oversight

*   High-definition video-conferencing for medical consultations, supervision and education.




Virtual Cloud Hosting gives you the benefits of your own server but with more flexibility at a much lower cost


What exactly does 'Virtual' mean?


It means that a number of physical servers are brought together to form a virtual infrastructure. This is then centrally managed and provides a high degree of reliability and availability. The interaction with virtual servers is the same as dedicated servers: you get remote access via remote desktop or terminal SSH (Secure Shell).


VPS gives you computing resources at a lower price when compared to dedicated servers which means that 'going virtual' equates to more affordability for you or your business.


Tell me a bit more about the process and what I get?


Firstly, decide which package you want. (Hint - we've given you some tips above!) Then choose and order your Operating System and any add-ons. You get the dedicated allocations, and after we've provisioned your VPS we'll send you an email with everything you need to get started. You’re then good to go!


You can stop and start your VPS (Virtual Private Server) from our Customer Zone - making it easy if you need to troubleshoot - and you also enjoy full remote and SSH access.


VPS vs. the rest


Shared hosting runs on shared virtual resources and there are no dedicated RAM or CPU allocations. As your website grows, you may encounter performance issues because your website and database require more system resources.


This is where Virtual Private Servers come in. VPS gives you dedicated virtual resources, including your own storage space, vCPU (Virtual CPU), RAM and bandwidth. By taking advantage of these resources, you optimise your application and enjoy improved performance and greater stability.


Disk space, RAM and system resources


There are several factors to consider. One is that you can always upgrade should you reach the limits of your package. Another is that the operating system that you choose to install will take up space on your VPS. Because of this, Windows Server is ideally suited to the Virtual Plus package and above.


When it comes to RAM, the basic rule is the more you have the better - obviously within reason! This is because RAM is the fast, short-term memory available for your operating system, programmes and processes. More RAM means better performance.


And as with desktop computers, access to more CPUs will give you faster and greater processing power.




VOIP Services

What is VOIP?


 VOIP uses the latest IP technology to provide high quality voice transmission services

 It’s managed and designed for businesses and large corporations

 You can combine voice and data transfer over the same line, providing an integrated package, with a single point of accountability and service


Why should I get VOIP?


 Flexible and competitive call rates

 No surcharge beyond the fixed cost that you pay for your Internet connection and VOIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol)

 Fredd’s per second billing gives you a larger monthly saving

 No capital investment required. All you need is Internet connectivity and we manage the rest


VOIP – Local & National


 VOIP – Local & National enables you to save significantly on your local and national calls

    VOIP calls are carried nationally - from the Fredd customer, over the MPLS IP network, to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)


VOIP – Interbranch


 VOIP Interbranch connects a company's various geographically distributed branches to the Fredd MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) IP network

 It allows voice calls between branches to be routed seamlessly via the FREDDS MPLS IP network







The EMC Avamar Business Edition is a purpose-built backup appliance that provides a conveniently sized and affordable deduplicated backup solution. It features simplified management with built-in storage resiliency and eliminates the requirement and expenses for a second replicated system.


Powered by industry leading EMC Avamar software, the Avamar Business Edition delivers fast, daily, full backups along with one-step recovery for physical (servers, desktops/laptops, etc.) and virtual environments (tight integration with VMware vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP) for agentless backups).


EMC Avamar eliminates redundant sub-file data segments at the client before the backup data is transferred across the network and stored on the disk. As a result, the network bandwidth required for backup is heavily reduced. EMC Avamar also deduplicates backup data globally, across sites and servers, reducing the required total backup disk storage by up to 20 percent. Avamar backups can be quickly recovered in just one step – eliminating the hassle of restoring full and subsequent incremental backups to reach the desired recovery point. The backup data can be encrypted during transit across the network and at rest for added security.

Data Backup

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